Privacy Policy

Terms of employment

We believe that all terms and conditions of employment should be based on an individual's ability to do the job and not on the basis of personal characteristics or beliefs. We provide employees with a working environment free of discrimination, harassment, intimidation or coercion relating directly or indirectly to race, religion, sexual orientation, political opinion or disability.


We do not use any prison, slave, indentured, or forced labor in the manufacture of any of our products.


We hereby state that the products are not manufactured or distributed with convict, child or forced labour.


In accordance with the labor law of PRC, the working hours shall be forty (40) hours (excluding meal hours) per week. Two rest days per week will be offered to the employees.Work time: Mondays to Fridays: 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Due to the nature of work and business needs, the working hours may be different or changed from the standard work hours. Each employee should punch a clock card whenever entering and leaving the company. The record will be used as a proof of attendance by the company.


We know the value of our employees, so we respect each employee's personality and dignity, and we do not use rude and abnormal behavior to treat employees. such as the threat of violence, physical, psychological torture, verbal abuse, and so on.


We provide fair remuneration for employees, including the minimum wage or the prevailing wage in the local industry, according to the available laws.


We ensure safe, clean, healthy working environment, provide adequate medical equipment, clean lounge, can carry reasonable water, ventilation workstations, and prevent harmful materials and environment. We provide employees with all the same standards of health and safety.


Terms of employment

We do not allow employees to participate in any sensitive transaction-illegal, immoral, or improper commercial dealings. Usually, bribery, kickbacks, gifts and more affect the interests of the company or obtain personal ill-gotten transactions.


We prohibits employees from using positions directly or indirectly for the benefit of others. Similarly, commercial bribery, kickbacks, bounty gifts and other profits and benefits to any customer are prohibited. However, this does not include normal expenditures, such as eating and entertaining customers. If other laws and regulations are permitted, it can be included in the expense report, and will be approved in the company standard.


We strictly prohibit the use of positions by individuals to expose any information of internal materials. Internal information refers to any information that is not disclosed to the external data.


We cherish our customers ' trust in us, so we prohibit our employees from exposing any confidential and proprietary information that may impair our customers or the company's own interests. Such information can only be shared with colleagues who need to know.


When we design our corporate policy, we are involved in conflict between employees and corporate interests. Because defining this relationship is difficult, defining conflicts of interest is a sensitive topic that may inspire potential or conflict with personal and corporate interests. It is generally considered that the personal use of the company's property or access to the company's services may be a conflict of interest.


We strictly prohibit any fraudulent activity, because it may hurt customers and suppliers, even related to the company. We will be gravely concerned by the relevant procedures, reporting and investigating such activities.



We take the third party to monitor the management, so that the company's behavior conforms to the contract. Supervisory activities include: announcements and non-notices of factory on-site inspections, hiring incidents of archives and Records of review, personal interviews with employees.


With respect to the company's guiding policy, we will appoint one or more of our executives to detect and obtain evidence. The records of these proofs will be close to our employees, agents or third party requirements.